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Video as a Service (healthcare)

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Imerja provides a range of complex hosting services to both public and private sector customers, including the provision of managed videoconferencing facilities delivered as a service. With the central management infrastructure located within in-house complex hosting facilities, and adjacent to Imerja’s 24x7 operations centre, the service can be delivered on demand.

Imerja’s ground-breaking Video as a Service (VaaS) offering has been of immeasurable worth to various healthcare organisations who are always under pressure to reduce costs and deliver the best possible patient care with available resources. At the same time they’re challenged by an aging population, long distances between facilities, stringent privacy requirements, and a shortage of healthcare providers and clinical specialists in some areas.

Increasing pressure in secondary healthcare, especially within often over stretched and under resourced A&E departments, has led healthcare professionals to consider what can be done to improve access to critical services from within the primary healthcare sector to help relieve this pressure, and ultimately provide a better level of healthcare to individual patients.

Video solutions are already being utilised by healthcare organisations to transform how they learn, teach, and deliver healthcare solutions, but existing systems are often dismissed as too complicated, too inflexible, unsecure or unreliable and are rarely used to their full potential.

VaaS is a bespoke service developed alongside health professionals specifically for use by health professionals. It utilises high definition videoconferencing systems to eliminate the distances between patients and doctors, between doctors and educators, and between medical facilities - bringing caregivers and patients, multi-disciplinary medical teams, and administrative staff together face-to-face in HD video quality, independent of location. 

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Delivered to users as a subscription based ‘pay as you go’ service, VaaS is a securely hosted high definition videoconferencing service giving access to core HD VC infrastructure located within Imerja’s own ISO27001 certified and N3 approved hosting facility, providing centralised directory, multi-conferencing bridge, recording and public Internet and N3 gateway’s allowing one to one and one to many VC sessions across private networks and via the public Internet and N3 network.

Delivered from within an environment secured by leading multivendor technologies the service provides full high definition videoconferencing up to 1080p to any standards based VC endpoint, including the bespoke Imerja Practitioner Cart, a group system, or via software based systems for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones providing true secure high quality anytime, anyplace, anywhere videoconferencing.

In delivering a secure service to a defined SLA, rather than just providing hardware and an instruction manual, Imerja proactively monitors systems to ensure equipment is always ready for use when it is needed, providing 24x7 telephone support through its own dedicated help desk service, and offering a range of complementary services to enhance the clinical application and patient experience in a variety of medical disciplines and environments.

The secure VaaS Healthcare service is underpinned by Imerja’s accredited m|four service portfolio coupled with Polycom RealPresence voice and video collaboration solutions for healthcare organisations, providing the following benefits:

  • Improving patient-centred care and extending access with interactive HD-quality viewing and listening capabilities 
  • Enabling multi-disciplinary collaboration across healthcare teams for better outcomes and lower costs 
  • Educating patients and healthcare providers independent of location
  • Supporting prevention and wellness programs to reduce unnecessary re-hospitalisations
  • Improving hospital workflows and operational efficiencies