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Our m|four services suite consists of four modular service elements that can be applied to all or any part of your business, flexing as your IT and communications requirements change.

Managed services are desirable in situations where, for a variety of reasons, the customer wishes to outsource a greater level of responsibility for the operation and performance of any given IT environment.

Imerja provides managed IT services which encompass and build on existing pillars of its support offerings – remote support, maintenance (hardware break-fix) and monitoring. With our expert staff managing your IT, the need for time consuming training on new technologies is reduced, as are implementation and maintenance responsibilities, freeing resource to work in other priority areas.

Imerja managed IT services incorporate all aspects of a monitored service including configuration backups, capacity planning support and all aspects of a hardware break-fix maintenance service including remote support, onsite technical support and vendor-backed support.

Optional additional services include:

  • The implementation of predetermined moves, adds, changes, deletions (MACs) to agreed service levels.
  • The management of a change control process with roles agreed for the requestor, assessor, authoriser and implementer or any request for change (RFC).
  • A patch management process to ensure the ICT estate is patched in line with an agreed policy and under a planned maintenance window. 
  • The provision of a technical design authority (TDA) – a senior technical resource providing assurance in operational escalations and technical advice and guidance to support the customer’s business requirements. The TDA normally sits as a member of the change advisory board.
  • Onsite engineering for technical project work
  • If required, Imerja can provide air-gap security, dedicated leased line connectivity and secure VPN access solutions.

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Download Imerja m|four management services brief.