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Managed Security Services for Education

Managed Security Service

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are strategically important to education and the teaching process – not just for the subjects where it is core, like computer studies, business studies and media studies, but across the whole curriculum.

The ability to deliver specialist teaching resources and multi-media material safely and securely to students at all stages of their formal education is core to the way subjects are taught. Secure and reliable access to the internet is now an essential part of learning.

Cuts in public sector funding, and specifically in respect to education budgets such as Harnessing Technology Grants, have brought uncertainty over the longer term affordability of secure and reliable internet services into schools and colleges. Coupled with pressure on spending and the planned changes to the learning Grid Networks, this has led to concern over the impact on delivery of materials to support learning and development.

Imerja has developed a cost effective service that enables schools and colleges to benefit from the growth in low cost internet services while maintaining the security and integrity expected from a Learning Grid service, meeting the content filtering standards set by Becta. Using the latest Unified Threat Management technology the service can be delivered as an enhancement to standard managed internet access, regardless of the chosen internet service provider (ISP).

As the delivery of educational content across the internet grows and the use of bandwidth hungry multi-media applications increases, the service from Imerja is flexible to accommodate changes in how it is managed, and where required increase or decrease bandwidth into the school or college (subject to contract with your ISP).

With reducing budgets and increasing concerns over safe and acceptable use of the internet, Imerja’s managed secure internet service for schools and colleges offers a cost effective and flexible solution to ensure the learning experience continues to be engaging and provides all students the best opportunities in education.

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