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Trial Purview - see what's happening on your network

Education offer - proof of concept trial with market leading Purview

The network analytics available today are especially valuable for IT leadership and the Help Desk. That’s why Imerja and Extreme Networks are offering educational organisations the opportunity to see how Extreme Networks Purview solution can transform the way campus networks are monitored and utilised as a business asset.

Purview provides a single dashboard to show what’s happening across your school, college or university site. It records what applications are being run by whom with full data on the locations and times. This is provided without taking away any performance from the network.

The detailed view into the network provided by analytics solutions like Purview gives IT the ability to provide students, teachers, administration, and all users with the network experience they demand.

Purview won the 2015 “New Product of the Year” at the Networking computing awards and can allow IT staff to spot bottlenecks even before users are affected, The staff can keep shadow IT at bay by insuring that only approved network and user devices are active on the Network and Rogue IT devices can be easily located and disabled.

Purview provides educational IT staff a number of key benefits including:

  • Massive scalability – Purview works at Tbit speeds and can collect millions of flows per minute without “any” performance impacts to the switch.
  • Better business decisions – Provides context to the application visibility by associating user, role, location, time, device, and more with the application.
  • Better troubleshooting – provide visibility into the application, eliminating issues before they can occur. This increases user satisfaction and the user experience.
  • Complete layer 7 application visibility – Purview uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to provide a rich analytical framework and granular controls for private (SAP, SOA traffic, Exchange, SQL etc) and public cloud (Salesforce, Google, Email, youTube, P2P, file sharing, etc ) applications as well as social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and others. Again this guarantees a better quality user experience for business critical applications.
  • Better network planning – Understand the impact of deployed applications on the network. This provides the data necessary to plan network expansions before user complaint.
  • Baseline the application usage on the network – Establish a baseline or matrix on the network usage that IT can use to trend network application usage overtime and identify when abnormalities arise.
  • Reporting for compliance and regulatory – track, collect, and report application usage with built in reporting and additionally export this information to third party reporting products.

To see how Purview could assist you and arrange a no obligation proof of concept trial please contact Mark Cunningham on: 0844 225 2888 or email:

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