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Year of the Tablet (or iPad at least)...

With the anticipated launch of the new iPad 2 later this month, speculation that 2011 is to be the ‘year of the tablet’ seems as certain as eggs are eggs - or indeed, as Apples are Apples. According to independent research, last year Apple iPads accounted for 95% of worldwide tablet computer sales through to September, although by the end of 2010 that figure had reportedly fallen to 75% as the competition started to gain market share. We all know the proliferation of smartphone technology has had a profound effect on how we communicate and work, but the rate of adoption of tablet technology, which is starting to outstrip growth (or indeed decline) in traditional Notepad and PC sales, is set to provide a further shift in our habits. Indepedant analyst firm Forrester reported that out of traffic driven to its retail site from mobile devices, the iPad accounts for over 45%, the remainder from a mix of smartphone devices from various manufacturers (notably the iPhone which accounts for a further 33% - seems Apple is popular in the Analyst market!). Nobody really understands the full impact tablet technolgoy will have on us, in terms of increasing productivity and reducing operational costs, but the more consumerisation is embraced in the work environment the more challenges IT departments will face to ensure their use is secure and compliant with appropriate policies and legislation.

This is where Imerja can help - with a long pedigree in providing IT security and mobile working solutions to both public sector and enterprise customers, underpinned by strong industry recognition and reputation as ‘thought leaders’, Imerja is well placed to create its own trend in tablet service provision. For a no obligation chat or simply to pick our brains on where we see the future impact and challenges of tablet technolgoy and mobile working in general please call us on 0844 225 2888, or email us at

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