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Warning on Evil Twin

Imerja's CTO, Matt Hampton was recently interviewed on 5 Live Drive about the recent article reported in the Guardian on the security risks associated with 'Evil Twin' access points. In this blog Matt describes the experience, and provides further insight into the threat and measures which individualsand businesses can take to minimise the potential threat.

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Tuesday 26 April - afternon. Just got off the phone after Imerja recevied a call from Radio 5 Live to provide expert comment on a breaking story on the use of Evil Twin access points and the impact to smartphone users. The whole process was quite interesting - being interviewed by a researcher first (I assume to make sure that I was a suitable interview subject) and then arranging how they were going to call me back shortly for a live broadcast on drive time news. Apparently mobiles are out and landlines are the preference. This caused a small issue as I was working from home and our house only has a landline to support the Internet connection and is in our lounge which was in use by three small children having their tea! The compromise was Skype. In the event everything went fine, but I found there was more I wanted to say that time allowed - so the focus of this post is to expand on the main points during the on air interview; here is what I really wanted to say: Q - what do you make of this investigation? Nothing new was found by the investigation - the same issues have been re

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