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Video as a Service (VaaS) for healthcare

The government recently announced proposals aimed at increasing the hours GP surgeries are open and introducing new consultation methods, in response to concerns that people are attending already struggling accident and emergency departments when they are unable to get an appointment to see their GP.

The intention is for selected practices to open from 8am until 8pm and at weekends, and doctors will be able to offer consultation via email, video-conferencing and telephone calls. Patients with long-term conditions will be offered “telecare” technology to monitor their health, reducing the need for surgery visits.

Ian Jackson, managing director at telehealth specialist Imerja commented: "Jeremy Hunt’s suggestion that GP surgeries should be open 12 hours a day, seven days a week perhaps an obvious way to try and improve access to primary healthcare, but it would be better and more cost effective to focus on improving time management and finding ways to ensure expertise were being distributed and therefore accessed more efficiently. "The recommendation that patients could be assessed via video link is a step in the right direction and provides an opportunity for the government to utilise technology to help relieve the pressure on the NHS. A system involving telehealth would allow multiple hospitals to utilise the same consultants, regardless of where they were located and will also provide access to the specialist from GP surgeries. Improved communications and high-definition video conferencing solutions, enable clinicians to accurately diagnose patients remotely and prescribe appropriate treatment, significantly reducing travel time while improving access to specialist care and greatly increasing efficiently in our healthcare services." Video as a Service, or VaaS, is a bespoke service designed for healthcare professionals developed and delivered by Imerja. The service utilises high definition videoconferencing products to eliminate distances between patients and doctors, doctors and educators, and between medical facilities - bringing caregivers and patients, multi-disciplinary medical teams, and administrative staff together face-to-face in HD video quality, independent of location. For more information on Imerja and how VaaS can help transform the delivery of healthcare please email us at

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