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Technology has evolved to the point where corporate networks can be highly reliable and generally secure. However, despite advances in hardware and software many applications run poorly or inconsistently over the WAN. Perhaps this is not surprising given that TCP, the underlying transport for applications, was designed to be robust and not fast. However, there are many other reasons that contribute, such as the WAN link capacity being smaller than across the LAN, latency across the link (especially international links), applications traversing the WAN hundreds of times to complete a task, and the incidence of Thin Client applications either HTTP or Citrix-based.

Application acceleration and data reduction alone are not capable of resolving WAN performance and productivity challenges.

Unified Performance Management (UPM) has emerged as a new and evolving standard, which defines the components required to effectively manage the performance of a wide breadth of applications that organisations use for business across the WAN, including the Internet.

Developed by Exinda Networks, UPM incorporates all facets of WAN Optimisation incorporating application acceleration, application visibility, application response time measurements, and a ubiquitous global management facility.

Further information on UPM is available to download from the Imerja website – or email us at

Exinda UPM integrates:

  • Application visibility
  • Application response-time management
  • Application optimisation

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