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UK businesses struggling with Data Loss Prevention

A recent report from Quocirca "You sent what? Linking identity and data loss prevention to avoid damage to brand, reputation and competitiveness" revealed that 64 per cent of UK businesses are failing to use Data Loss Prevention products, ranking the UK behind France, Italy and Ireland.

Part of the difficulties facing companies is that there's no starting point for the data that needs to be protected. "There are big discrepancies between industries," said Quocirca director Bob Tarzey, "particularly related to the way that they perceive what data needs to be protected. For example, Finance is particularly interested in recognising personally identifiable data, while manufacturing companies are interested in securing intellectual property."

Tarzey said that organisations should have a "compliance vision" in place. "Our survey showed that many organisations struggled with compliance." He added that while governments and industries had put various compliance regimes in place. According to the report, organisations should be moving to a compliance-oriented architecture (COA) to help would help alleviate the problem of data loss and misuse.

Frost and Sullivan have written a white paper on the Check Point DLP solution which provides businesses with innovative technology that prevents intentional and unintentional breaches and educates employees to help prevent future incidents. You can read the whitepaper on the Imerja website.

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