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Transforming the way we work - Ian Jackson attends Round Table

As part of its regular thought leadership programme, the North West Business Insider held a 'Round Table' this week, hosted by the TSK Group, focused on how the world of work is changing.

People have unprecedented freedom to find products and services and to assess value and competitiveness. They expect higher levels of flexibility and service. So how do business leaders make sure they remain competitive in a business landscape transformed by the digital age?

Ian Jackson, Managing Director of Imerja, attended the event amongst a number of business leaders from across the North West. Jackson comments:

"The round table was an excellent debate which challenged today's - and tomorrow's - workspace requirements, and considered expectations from both clients and employees.

So what does today's workplace look like? From discussions held, I believe we are at a tipping point between a 'traditional' office workspace against a flexible, mobile workspace; the requirement for an 'office environment' is essential in my opinion. As a member of yesterday's 'Generation X' the office is a place for comradely and motivation; tomorrow's 'Generation Y' do not have the same needs and are quite comfortable liaising in the virtual world and more adept to working from home or remote from the workplace.

One thing is for sure, the traditional workspace is changing. Technology will assist in this change as will the needs and expectations from tomorrow's employees. Visionary organisations like Google will push the boundaries of tomorrow's workspace and whilst most organisations will not have the luxury or maybe the belief in the benefits of implementing 'employee playgrounds' or 'creative thinking pods'; like Vivian Westwood creations on the catwalk, some of these ideas will make it to the mainstream.

All in all it was an excellent and extremely well hosted round table debate; thanks to hosts TSK Group and Insider Magazine - find the full debate in April's edition of North West Business Insider magazine."

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