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Survey identifies BCP issues facing SME

While SMEs may look to invest in enterprise class IT solutions, many are still struggling with basic IT issues according to new research carried out by IT solutions specialist Imerja. The firm surveyed a range of UK SMEs to find out about their business continuity plans, and in the process discovered that 60% had suffered at least one email outage in the last three months.

Ian Jackson, managing director at Imerja, said: "Investing in the right IT can add significant value to a business. But companies won't be able to reap the rewards of technology fully if they are still having problems with essential business systems like email. "Outsourcing business critical IT, whether it be email, infrastructure hosting or videoconferencing as a service, takes away risk and reduces the overhead of running an in house system, often with added security benefits too. "Managed services for IT can really boost productivity, because any issues that arise are identified quickly and dealt with immediately before they have chance to escalate and cause problems. "With the growth in affordable outsourcing solutions SMEs can just as easily benefit from this approach as larger enterprises."

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