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Stop gambling on your organisation's IT security

Imerja UTA is a flexible and independent service that provides a unified assessment of IT security threats to your organisation This modular service meets the new and evolving standard of Unified Threat Assessment, allowing you to select the specific tests and assessments appropriate to your organisation encompassing network security, information security, wireless security, communications security and social engineering.

As the IT security threat landscape continues to evolve and new threats are identified, it is increasingly important to test the integrity and resolve of your own IT security measures in order to protect your customers, your users and ultimately your business. Regular penetration testing is now common practice among organisations looking to ensure that their security measures are actively analysed for design weaknesses, technical flaws and vulnerabilities. However, these tests only offer a partial view of the potential vulnerabilities an organisation faces.

Imerja UTA goes beyond standard penetration testing

Unified Threat Assessment is a flexible service from Imerja which goes beyond a standard penetration testing regime to incorporate a broad portfolio of assessments and tests, which collectively provide a more detailed picture of the IT security posture within an organisation. The direct involvement of our experienced consultants complements automated toolsets with manual testing and verification techniques to avoid reporting on false positives, ensuring that the information you receive is focused only on the issues you need to know about.

The service is modular by design, with a set of core modules providing a benchmark service from where the assessment can be tailored and additional modules added to create a bespoke service. Individual modules are targeted at addressing a specific group of IT security threat areas, enabling you to select only those relevant to your organisation. Each module includes a defined set of tests and outputs; however, the scope of each module and the way the findings are reported can be enhanced in any one area to suit your specific requirements.

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