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Smartphone security - a warning

Researchers at University of Ulm in Germany have discovered a weakness in the Android operating system that means it is possible to tap into the transfer of information between the phones and the internet, and thereby gain access to personal data. The story was reported by the BBC earlier today, and news of the security weakness has quickly spread causing concern to users of the technology. The researchers went on to report that alarmingly most versions of the Android operating system pass unencrypted authentication tokens, and were therefore vulnerable. Although this vulnerability was fixed in version 2.3.4 of the operating system, official figures suggest that only 0.3% of Android phones are currently running this software.

If you are an Android user and haven't done so yet, upgrade to the new operating system quick! As businesses beome more accepting of mobile working practices, and in turn reliant on their employees using tablet and smartphone technology to stay in touch and remain productive (either corporate devices or personal handsets), it is importnat they design and implement robust security policies that will protect the user and data they may access with these devices. Adding encryption solutions to protect corporate applications and information accessed on mobile devices is an essential step, such as that offered by Good Technology, providing an effective and easy to deploy measure to safely bridge the gap between social and secure usage, protecting business and personal information so that users can connect and collaborate safely. For more on the story and Imerja's comment on the news, read:

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