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Report reveals massive increase in Spyware

A recent report on the the State of Spyware revealed that 2005 was the biggest year yet for spyware with more than 400,000 sites being identified as hosting spyware. Within the report a survey of the global consumer PC market revealed over 80% of all PCs are infected to some degree, with the UK having the highest percentage of infected computers in Europe.

Of particular concern was the rise in the most malicious types of Spyware – Trojan horses and system monitors. Between Q3 and Q4 2005, the number of Trojan horse infections experienced by business increased 9% worldwide, and from Q2 to Q4 2005, the number of system monitors like keystroke loggers increased 50% consecutively each quarter.

Throughout 2005 the researchers at Webroot observed a steady increase in the complexity and severity of spyware technology. Keyloggers using kernel-level drivers became increasingly common as the year progressed, and the usage of polymorphic code has continued to increase.

The new breed of spyware that has developed is now at a level where detection and removal is extremely difficult.

As a totally independent supplier of IT security services Imerja provides customers with robust and reliable solutions to protect against the threat of spyware. Built on best fit technology, the security solutions we provide are designed to match the level of risk to the enterprise and deliver confidence across the organisation that the appropriate measures are in place to protect against any breach of security.

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