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Juniper ICE helps companies beat the bad weather

Due to the harsh weather conditions that hit Britain on Monday of this week, approximately 20 per cent of the British workforce did not make it into the office. With so many people unable to work, The Federation of Small Business announced that British business has lost £1.2 billion and this figure could rise if the disruption continues for more than one day.

During the whole of this week as the bad weather has contiued Juniper Networks UK has experienced a steep rise in inbound calls from customers wishing to increase the user license count on their Juniper remote access solution, Secure Access.

“With the weather expected to worsen again at the end of this week, now is the time for businesses to urgently review their remote working strategies to mitigate future loss of business where possible, without compromising network security. It is very important to ensure that the remote access solution offers fast, reliable and secure access to avoid employee frustration at slow connections whilst minimising the risk of security breaches,” said Dr. Anton Grashion, EMEA Security Strategist, Juniper Networks.

Juniper ICE – In Case of Emergency

Fire, flood, bad weather or traffic chaos – all these events can have a damaging impact to your business. But with the proper infrastructure in place, and a bit of forward planning, you can protect against productivity losses and maintain your competitive edge.

Juniper ICE 72dpiJuniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN ICE solution provides a quick resolution when the unexpected happens, providing users with secure remote access to your corporate resources and delivering the ability to handle extreme peak demands when needed. The ICE license enables you to continue your business operations when disaster strikes, maintaining productivity, sustaining partnerships and delivering continued services to customers. ICE also enables you to meet compliance objectives for ensuring continuity of operations in the event of a disaster or pandemic event.

Juniper Networks Secure Access ICE offers flexibility and scalability to help organisations of all sizes effectively balance the costs and the risks inherent in preparing for and coping with cases of emergency.

But it’s not just about protecting productivity when an emergency or unexpected crisis occurs that the ICE license can be used. With up to 56 of days of license ‘burst’ available in a 12 month period, an ICE license offers you flexibility to introduce regular working from home days into the business, offering employees added benefit at no cost.

For example, once a month on a given day you could burst your license to allow employees to work from home, enabling them to arrange a dentist appointment, furniture delivery or other personal event at a time to suit them, and without disrupting their working day or requiring them to book leave. Even something as simple as enabling a busy parent to do the school run when they are usually commuting will be seen as a positive benefit.

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