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IT workers willing to pay for their own technology in the workplace

In last month's blog entry 'A third of UK employees use personal devices in the workplace' highlighted that over 95% of workers used a personal PC, mobile phone or other mobile device for work use. With the 24x7 nature of business today and the rise of virtualised desktops, it is not surprising that employees want to have a say in the type of technology they use for their working day. In fact, a new Unisys survey of 141 information workers found that 75 percent are willing to pay a portion of the cost for productivity-enhancing technology for work if they could choose it themselves. This presents an opportunity to organisations to reduce their business costs whilst empowering their employees with the choice to select and pay for technologies that they are comfortable with in their personal lives.

For organisations who are considering taking this route, the same level of security must be witheld on personal devices so as not to put company information at risk. With Imerja mobile services, Imerja can deploy a secure environment onto anymobile phone, even one that is owned by the individual. Organisations can offer employees a mobile phone allowance rather than providing company mobile telephones, benefitting both the organisation and its employees by reducing overall costs to the business whilst enabling employees to have their own choice of handset. Security benefits include the development of bespoke business applications which allow users access to relevant information in a secure environment, ensuring that information is kept secure at all times and confidentiality is maintained. If a mobile phone is lost, the applications and data can be wiped remotely without compromise to whatever else may be on the phone.

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