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Is your business mobile costing too much?

Research published today has shown that three quarters of mobile subscribers are spending an average of £200 a year more than they should because they are on the wrong contract. With over 8 million different permutations of mobile phone contracts to choose from it is hardly surprising that individuals struggle to select the tariff that is right for them. It is hard to predict accurately how many texts you will send or calls you will make on a monthly basis throughout the full term of a mobile contract, and the popularity of smartphone and tablet technology to surf the web and download data has made this more complicated; in the last year users have, on average, doubled their data usage. Business mobile contracts are typically 24 months in duration.

If you over-estimate what you need at the start of your contract you’ll pay more than you need to; however, under-estimate and you’ll be subject to punitive charges for exceeding your contracted allowance. How do you identify the happy medium, and remain there throughout your contract term? Imerja is an approved partner with both Vodafone and O2, able to offer competitive and relevant tariffs to business of all size, incorporating minutes and data packages, as well as traditional landline services. More than just a dealer or reseller, Imerja proactively manages your contract throughout the term with quarterly reviews on usage to ensure you remain on the most appropriate tariff for your business.

To find out more about how Imerja can help you identify the best contract suitable to your business, and work with you to manage your telephony costs moving forward, please contact your account manager or call us on 0844 225 2888, or email us directly at

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