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Imerja wins three-year contract with LeNSE

Imerja has secured a three-year contract with LeNSE (Learning Network South East) to ensure that sensitive educational data held and transferred by the network operator is secure, compliant and resistant against external threats.

As one of the UK’s largest regional network operators, LeNSE provides educational institutions [in the South East of England] with access to learning and research network, JANET.

Imerja will carry out unified threat assessment and penetration testing to ensure that all of the institutions using LeNSE to access the JANET network are aware of, and able to address, any internet-based security threats. The project will also ensure that each institution is compliant with its governing body regulations.

Ian Jackson, managing director of Imerja, commented: “Securing and protecting data is vital for any business or organisation but it is particularly important for network operators like LeNSE, which have multiple clients that deal with personal information in an educational context. We are delighted to be working with LeNSE to provide support and assistance in this specialist area.”

Mike Byrne, CEO at LeNSE commented: “Both LeNSE and all of our clients recognise the importance of protecting educational data, and the vital role that Imerja will undertake during this three year contact. Having worked with Imerja previously, we have been impressed by the company’s services and professionalism, and I am sure that this latest project will further enhance our relationship.”

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