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Imerja turns on the TAP with Network Critical

Although rarely acknowledged as such, TAP solutions are frequently an essential element in the successful deployment of a secure and robust ICT infrastructure.

TAPs provide non-intrusive network access points for critical security and monitoring solutions such as intrusion detection and prevention, and network performance analysis. By implementing these solutions end users can view traffic without interference or impairment to the network.

Recognising the inherent value this technology brings to any ICT environment Imerja has teamed up with Network Critical, widely regarded as a world leader in TAP technology, to provide its customers with additional value in the solutions it delivers.

Network Critical specialises in high-performance network TAP solutions which are critical elements in building security and monitoring capabilities into communications networks.

The CriticalTAP™ product is essentially a listening device on the network, accurately relaying all conversations on the wire to an analysis, management or security system. But with the myriad of different network media technologies and configurations and the growing need for traffic-watching due to technology-based threats and legislation requirements, CriticalTAP™s are finding more diverse uses and deployment configurations.

The launch of the V-LineTAP™ has provided the market with the first fully fail-safe deployment of inline solutions, such as an IPS, IDS or content management solution, with an option for redundant units.

Imerja will be demonstrating Network Critical solutions on its stand at INFOSEC this April – for further information please visit our stand or go to

"Network Critical is delighted to be working closely with Imerja to take its products into new markets. Imerja has proven itself to be a very capable partner that is held in high regard by its customers, and with its straightforward and honest approach to business we are confident that its customers will soon be benefiting from the TAP solutions we provide”

Alastair Hartrup, Managing Director Network Critical

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