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Imerja supports Virgin Media Business deliver remote stroke diagnosis

The service enables doctors in Lancashire and Cumbria to assess patients presenting with suspected stroke who need rapid treatment using high-definition video conferencing, not only helping to improve the outcome for the patient but helping the NHS and social care towards realising savings of over £8million a year. 15 specialist doctors across the region are now using a new high-speed fibre optic network from Virgin Media Business to assess patients directly from their homes. Using this service, doctors can deliver quicker care, consulting emergency patients remotely using digital video conferencing via a secure connection into the consultant’s home. Doctors link up with a live video and audio conference system, where they can directly see and speak to the patient in the hospital. They also have access to an Image Exchange Portal, where they can view the patient’s CT scan and medical records. This information is then used as part of a virtual face-to-face consultation, to assess whether the patient is suffering from a stroke and if they should receive Thrombolysis treatment. A portable video conferencing tool called a Telecart will be positioned at the patient’s bedside in A&E or in some cases, the stroke unit. To help deliver this service Imerja is providing a centrally hosted high definition video conferencing registration service, multi-conference bridge, recoding facility and 24x7 comprehensive services wrap from its dedicated operations centres located in Lancashire and Hertfordshire. 

Ian Jackson, managing director at Imerja, commented: “We're extremely pleased to be working with Virgin Media Business to deliver this ground breaking and innovative service which directly impacts on front-line health services, benefiting patients and budgets. We hope it will become a standard setter for Stroke Networks across the UK.” For more information on the service and the impact it has made to patients visit the following links

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