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Imerja secures second Computing Security shortlist

Imerja has been shortlisted for a second Computing Security award, with its secure Video as a Service (VaaS) solution up for Public Sector Security Project of the Year.

The service, which is delivered together with Polycom from a secure environment underpinned by Check Point technology, allows doctors and clinicians to treat patients remotely through a secure, high-definition video link. It has already had significant success for the Cumbria and Lancashire Stroke Network, which it delivers in partnership with Virgin Media Business, saving the NHS over £8 million during its first year of operation, while 24 more patient survived that may not have otherwise.

The service is also being trialled in several other areas. Its use in paediatric neurology allows doctors to remotely diagnose children, negating the need for consultants to travel between hospitals, or families to travel with their children for consultations. Ian Jackson, managing director at Imerja said: "This is a significant achievement, and one we're very proud of. Our VaaS service not only helps healthcare organisations to realise costs benefits, but it's helping to improve patient care too. We're looking forward to rolling it out further in the coming months."

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