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Less than a fifth of consumers feel treated as an individual when they shop in-store



Over 80% of consumers say that retailers aren’t doing enough to make them feel like an individual when shopping in-store, according to new research from retail IT specialist Imerja.

The survey, which questioned 1,000 UK consumers about their shopping habits, revealed a major problem facing physical stores.

David Astley, national sales manager at Imerja, said: “This is one area where online retail is way ahead of the high street. It’s a tailored experience based on previous shopping habits when you shop online, but instore a customer is just another number.”

The decline of the high street and the rise of online retail have been well documented. Showrooming – using mobiles in-store to check prices and product information – has become commonplace, with many retailers worrying that this trend is eating into revenues as consumers end up simply browsing and purchasing elsewhere.

However, 50% of those surveyed felt that technology could do more to tailor their shopping experience, and the growing use of mobile opens up a great opportunity for those retailers willing and able to adapt their processes to capitalise on the trend of mass mobility.

Astley said: “Technology is key to unlocking the potential of the high street. Retailers need to leverage everything available to them in order to encourage footfall, and one device that almost every customer will have is a smartphone.”

Together with Juniper Networks, Imerja has launched The New Retail Fabric. The service uses instore wireless networks to push personalised information, offers and messages to shoppers, giving customers a more bespoke experience on the high street.

Astley said: “This is about equipping teams on the ground with everything they need to know about each customer, using all their online and offline interactions with a retailer. We want to make every consumer feel that their shopping experience is completely bespoke. This will inject new life into the high street and increase instore custom for retailers.”

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