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Imerja Finalist for CW Best Places Award

Having been voted Best Place to Work in IT at the Computer Weekly Awards for 2006, everyone at Imerja was delighted to hear the news that it has been confirmed as a finalist again in 2007 within the category for IT Services Including Outsource Providers.

Last year an independent panel of judges recognised Imerja for its ongoing commitment to developing good working conditions, offering employees a balanced environment and the flexibility they need to determine their own life-work balance. Judges noted the emphasis it placed on self empowerment and people development, citing the difficulty smaller organisations often face in trying to achieve a strong work life balance, particularly in IT services where a company is selling its peoples’ time. The judges felt that Imerja demonstrated a strong culture of training, professional skills development, and good opportunities to work from home – something that we have been quick to build on over the last year.

Being associated with an award that recognises the company for its positive business culture seems to have had a longer lasting impact with both customers and employees compared to receiving an award for delivering an innovative project or recognition for technical excellence. Customers have been generous in stating their praise and support of our approach to business, and acknowledging that our culture is in part the reason why they like to work with us, both on an individual basis and as an organisation as a whole - they seem to like to fact we have fun doing our work, and that feeling often spills over into their own IT team through close partnership working.

The reaction and feedback within the company on receiving the award lat year was tremendous, and individuals have been quick to comment on their personal reactions to the company being shortlisted for a second year running:

“Completely deserved in my opinion - the work environment and culture you've engendered is fantastic and a testimony your own self beliefs and principles”

“Very, very proud”

Review of 2006 CW Best Place to Work in IT

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