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Extreme Networks Ranks #1 AND #2 by Dell 'Oro Group

The deployment of solutions with 40GbE ports are emerging as the switch inter-connect of choice for the private data center and the hosted cloud. The Dell’Oro Group announced earlier this year that Extreme Networks was a market leader in market share in modular 40GbE switches and second in overall 40GbE. In its latest reoprt the Group reported that the 40GbE BlackDiamond® modular switches from Extreme ranked #1 worldwide in product revenue and the combined BlackDiamond and Summit® switching products ranked #2 last quarter. The Dell’Oro Report market reports following the recent Lippis Test Report results that showed the BlackDiamond X8 switch tested 3-10 faster than other network vendors.

The Extreme Networks core fabric switch also had the lowest latency (of 2.3 microseconds for 64 bit frames) and lowest energy use (5.6 watts per port) of any core products in the test. The BlackDiamond X8 is expected to begin shipping in the first half of 2012.   Imerja is an Extreme Networks Gold Partner. For more information on how Imerja can assit you in the design, deployment and support of leading switch technology from Extreme Networks please contact us at

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