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Exinda adds new dimension to ServiceAlert

ExindaImerja is pleased to announce the launch of a new low cost service under the ServiceAlert portfolio that provides customers with accurate and detailed information on bandwidth utilisation to help optimise network performance.

The service continually monitors bandwidth usage across the network at the application level and records other key metrics. Monthly reports on historical events are complemented by recommendations from Imerja for changes to help optimise the network configuration, and help protect the infrastructure from failure.

Customers electing for a Premium service benefit from proactive management with recommended changes automatically implemented by Imerja (subject to customer approval) as part of the inclusive managed service. The service is underpinned by Exinda technology and delivered from Imerja’s 24x7 Secure Operations Centre (ISOC) which operates to ISO9001:2000 standards.

For further information please call us so we can discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

“Imerja is a proactive reseller that has proven to be innovative in developing flexible and cost effective solutions relevant to its customers’ requirements – we are delighted to have Imerja as an authorised partner delivering improved service to its customers based on the latest technology from Exinda”


VP Sales EMEA Exinda Networks

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