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David Astley, national sales manager at Imerja, discusses how technology can be utilised to create a more personalised shopping experience


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In the age of online shopping, technology is continuously changing the future of retail, the way customers purchase products and what they expect from an ecommerce site.

Last year, according to the Office of National Statistics, 21 million households throughout the UK had access to the internet, making online shopping easily accessible and enabling shoppers to purchase items at the click of a button. Spending via mobile is also increasing in popularity, with shoppers expecting their favourite stores to have an up-to-date app or mobile optimised site, allowing for easy viewing and a convenient, personalised experience regardless of their location.

However, online retail is beginning to have a negative impact on our high streets, with many stores struggling to get people through the doors and finding that their online sales growth is significantly outpacing that of their physical stores.

Therefore, retailers should be combining their high street stores with their online and mobile offerings in order to succeed in both areas.

There are many solutions available that use the information from online searches to push personalised suggestions and offers directly to customers’ smartphones when they enter, or are in close proximity to, a physical store.

These provide an individual retail experience, making the shopper feel unique and valued, which consequentially encourages customer loyalty. This sort of technology can also increase footfall by enticing customers into the store, which in turn will increase sales.

It will be those retailers, who adapt to the ever-changing environment of retail and utilise technology to compliment their instore offering, which will boost sales and improving customer retention rates. They’ll be the ones providing a more enjoyable and personalised shopping experience.


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