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A granular approach to IT security

Mark Evans, commercial director at Imerja, looks at to address the challenges and risks of the always connected culture. IT is integrated into our everyday lives. Whether it’s using mobile phones on-the-go or laptops and tablets at home, we’re never far away from a powerful device. In the past, technology was often seen as a ‘nice to have’ – now it’s something we continually rely on.

Consequently, children born into this generation grow up with their worlds built around digital means and with an expectation of instant access to information. It’s not an extra, supplementary layer of their lives – it’s a fundamental part.

The younger generation are constantly connected, keeping in touch with friends, playing games and expressing themselves through technological and online mediums. However, this technology comes with risks, and young people are expected to be savvy about their safety. Historically, education has not always been at the forefront of digital innovation, but this is changing as the latest technologies are finding their way into the sector to support new ways of teaching and learning. Recent examples include using 3D projectors to explore the inner workings of the human body, or tablets to display enhanced textbooks. Furthermore, the growth in dedicated ICT suites has ensured that IT skills are being learnt from an early age. Whether it’s used to simplify and streamline, or to innovate and differentiate, the effective use of technology in schools can enhance learning – bringing education to life and making it more accessible to students.

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