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With the increase in regulatory and legislative compliance that businesses need to adhere to, it is perhaps not surprising that more and more companies are now looking for assistance in safeguarding their business, strengthening their IT security and protecting their brand. This is as significant in the retail sector as any. The IT environment of a retail chain is constantly changing, as systems are upgraded, added and removed.

Acquisitions of new stores is another factor that can immediately impact whether a retailer might no longer be as secure as it was, or indeed as compliant. Following a series of high profile security breaches users want reassurance that their data is being handled confidentiality and that the security of their personal and transactional data is being checked by the merchants. The Data Security Standard introduced by the Payment Card Industry is designed to ensure that transactions are conducted in a secure manner and that all the merchants meet minimum security standards that are also verified by regular penetration testing. It applies to all organisations that accept, store or process payment cards.

Having worked with a range of organisations in the retail sector, from single site operations through commodity distributors, service providers, high street brands and national chains, Imerja understands the drivers within the retail sector, and is well placed to assist with the design, deployment and support of appropriate infrastructure and security solutions to support the business requirements.