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Fareham Borough Council

Fareham Borough Council


Fareham Borough Council is situated in Hampshire midway between Portsmouth and Southampton. It covers the areas along the Solent from Warsash in the west over to Porchester in the east.

The Council is focussed on delivering excellence in all the services they provide, to both its employees and the wider community. With commitment to improving services whilst protecting and enhancing the quality of the wider environment, Fareham Borough Council is proactive in delivering ‘efficiency with effectiveness’, one of its core values.

The Challenge

Serving a population of over 114,000 citizens, Fareham Borough Council places paramount importance on the communications between the departments in order to deliver the best service for its communities.

Needing to update its IT infrastructure to ensure continuity of service and reduce operational costs, the council required a solution to replace its ageing Cisco core network infrastructure.

Faced with budgetary challenges from public sector spending cuts and continuing to address compliance with GCSX Code of Connection (CoCo), the council needed a cost effective and compliant solution in place. In line with its strategic priorities to reduce the impact of services on the environment, the council also wanted an environmentally friendly solution that would satisfy corporate strategies.

The Solution

Fareham Borough Council selected Extreme Networks as its replacement network technology through the Hampshire Framework agreement with Virgin Media Business, and Imerja was selected as preferred supplier to design and deploy the network upgrade across the borough. Imerja and Virgin Media Business together have a strong pedigree in delivering infrastructure solutions and services in the public sector and Imerja is an Extreme Networks Gold Partner, ideally placed to implement the solution would satisfy all technical and environmental requirements.

The Extreme Networks solution was based on the revolutionary ExtremeXOS operating system, offering a highly available and scalable network for mission-critical business applications. The ExtremeXOS guards access to the network through authentication, ensuring a secure and hardened network. Extreme Networks also offer superior energy-efficient network architecture solutions, enabling the council to reduce operational costs and power consumption whilst remaining committed to the council’s Green agenda.

The installation was implemented through Imerja’s consultancy services, Foresight™, giving the Council maximum flexibility. With Imerja’s Foresight™ consultancy, the Council was able to call on the breadth of Imerja’s professional services to assist the Council with the implementation, engineering resource, project ,management, Extreme Networks training, and technical troubleshooting throughout the network refresh which gave the Council complete confidence in the network refresh. Ongoing support is provided by Imerja’s 24x7 operations centre for the Extreme Networks hardware and software, providing the Council’s network team with on-site engineer support within four hours of a fault being notified to the operations centre. The service also includes 24x7x365 telephone support and Secure Remote Access for immediate fault investigation

Business Benefits

The Extreme Networks solution has placed the Council on a foundation for growth in support of its strategic commitments to the community. Being the most economically advantageous not only achieved cost savings, but importantly allowed those savings to be diverted to other community services, demonstrating first hand the Councils core value of being proactive in delivering ‘efficiency with effectiveness’. The energy efficient nature of the solution also helps reduce carbon emissions, in line with the Council’s environmental strategy.

Next Steps

The Council will continue to work closely with Imerja as it looks to exploit the advantages of the Extreme technology and rich feature set.

Customer Testimonial

“Throughout the project Virgin Media Business and Imerja demonstrated a clear understanding of our requirements and expertise in implementing public sector infrastructures. The Extreme Networks solution has dramatically improved services and reduced our operational costs, whilst the monitoring service enables our in-house staff to focus on other areas of the organisation.”

Andrew Scribbans, Network Manager, Fareham Borough Council.