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Local Government

Imerja has a strong pedigree of working with local government authorities in close partnership to provide a comprehensive range of professional, technical, support and management services.

Working with both district and borough authorities, Imerja has successfully delivered a variety of projects including the design, implementation and commissioning of complex IT infrastructure and security solutions, support and management of business class IT communications systems, and bespoke managed services. It has also provided expert advice on strategic planning and policy development, as well as tactical support across its portfolio of services.

Imerja remains a trusted advisor to its local government customers providing a flexible approach to working in partnership on critical and high profile projects.

With a commitment to developing and delivering relevant services to the local government sector, Imerja’s customer base has grown through strong account management and a willingness to remain flexible to the changing demands of the customer's business requirements.

In addition to long standing partnerships within local government, Imerja also works with key central government bodies and projects which help to underpin its position as a knowledgeable partner able to identify relevant solutions for its local government customers in the context of the challenges they face.

Several engagements with the Government Connect (GC) Programme, including Technical Design Authority from the start of the project, has provided Imerja with an in-depth understanding of objectives and challenges that need to be overcome to effect secure communication between local and central government, and the specific compliancy requirements in the GCSX Code of Connection.

As the compliancy landscape continues to evolve and develop, Imerja works with local authorities to ensure they remain compliant and realise best value from their investment in developing secure connectivity.

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