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Alder Hey Childrens' Hospital NHS Trust - Hosting

Alder Hey

Alder Hey


Alder Hey, one of Europe’s biggest children’s hospitals and among the UK’s top performing NHS Trusts, is recognised for delivering world-class international standards based IT.

The Solution

The solution securely hostS the hospital’s data, including patient information, within a new data infrastructure at its own site.

Ensuring such information is securely stored and readily available, despite any external disruptions to the hospital such as power cuts or building damage is vitally important in helping Alder Hey’s patients receive the best possible experience and care.

Imerja’s private cloud solution provides the hospital with access to a N3 Approved data centre, saving the hospital both the space and cost of an on-site data centre and provide Alder Hey with the distance required for secure disaster recovery solutions.

Virgin Media will operate as a partner in the hosting project, providing the link between Imerja and the hospitals.

Business Benefits

This innovative and forward thinking solution means that by owning the hardware and renting the hosting service, it has the ability to scale as required whilst reducing the need for capital investment.

Next Steps

The hospital will use this cloud to provide infrastructure-as-a-service, delivering to Liverpool Women’s Hospital and other Trusts, effectively functioning as a service provider, saving smaller Trusts substantial capital investments.

Customer Testimonial

“We wanted a cost-effective solution that would allow us to concentrate on our most important job, caring for patients, while saving space and money. To hold our information in a secure fashion we wanted experts in the field, who we could trust with our critical systems, and we are delighted to be working with Imerja.”

Chief Information Officer at Alder Hey and Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trusts