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Cabinet Office e-Delivery Team

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The Cabinet Office e-Delivery Team (eDT) is responsible for the Government Gateway, the main function of which is to provide internet authentication and secure submission of citizens’ claims, applications and enquiries for central and local government departments. eDT also provides ownership and direction for the ‘common infrastructure’ technologies that are increasingly seen as the linking technologies required across the public sector.

The Challenge

Acting on recommendations from the Gershon Efficiency Review and the Lyons Report the Cabinet Office relocated eDT to custom built offices in Cheshire. At the time of the move eDT was facing its biggest challenges to date, not only in relocating, but at the same time completely replacing the technologies that underpin the Government Gateway, including a new purpose built data centre, and procuring a commercial partner to deliver the services

The Solution

Imerja had been working closely with eDT since 2006 helping to develop the groundwork for the relocation. This included the infrastructure that underpins the operation, live service management and providing technical assessment of common infrastructure projects. To assist at this critical time in its development eDT appointed Imerja to support a number of key projects.

Business Benefits

With its experience and knowledge of working in the public sector, and in particular with government organisations, Imerja was able to advise and assist in the delivery of solutions required for a seamless relocation and upgrade to the infrastructure in support of future projects.

Next Steps

As further projects are initiated and developed Imerja continues to provide resources and acts as a critical friend as eDT transforms its service function.

Ian Jackson, managing director at Imerja, commented: “Working with the Cabinet Office is both a tremendous responsibility as a company and an achievement that we are proud of - it reflects Imerja’s security credentials and technical capability, and further reinforces our reputation within the public sector.”

Customer Testimonial

“Imerja brings a breadth of resources and experience in a number of areas at a critical time in our development and compliments existing in-house resources.”

Director of eDT