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Corporate Values & Responsibility

Corporate Values

Imerja’s core values consist of Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Trust and Passion. These values reflect our ethos and underpin all aspects of the business and customer deliverables. They are truly central to our business approach and can be evidenced through our work; demonstrable through our case studies which emphasise how our core values have been mapped onto our service delivery.

Aside from technical expertise and focus on compliance, Imerja is most proud of the long-standing relationships that have been established with our customers, several of whom have worked with Imerja from the very beginning.

Mission statement

Since the business was formed Imerja’s focus has been the delivery of a range of IT solutions and services that best meet with our customers’ requirements, to offer advice and guidance that is vendor independent and to understand and maintain our responsibilities as an employer. This is reflected in our mission statement:

“To be a leading service provider, embracing its social and corporate responsibilities and maintaining a brand that is synonymous with quality and trust.”

Whilst revenue and profit are necessary indicators of business performance, Imerja is also committed to empowering individuals to achieve a workable balance between work and their personal commitments.

Staff are encouraged and given opportunities to engage with corporate interests outside of the workplace, including support for its corporate charity Claire House Children’s Hospice.

There are also opportunities to assist in special projects in the village of Penyem in The Gambia, where Imerja contributes to the ongoing development of a health centre, as well as providing funding for a full-time medical professional and mosquito nets for village families.

Imerja is also proud to sponsor two north-west youth football teams based in Manchester and Southport.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Claire House Children’s Hospice

The selection of a corporate charity re-enforces the ethical basis on which Imerja was founded and the commitment of both the company and individual employees to contribute back to society. Claire House was chosen through a democratic process involving everyone in the company, and a strong and common felt belief that it is possible to make a difference.

Claire House is one of over 40 hospices located throughout the UK providing care for children aged 0-18 years with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, and their families. It is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life; providing specialist respite, palliative, terminal and bereavement care.

The “home from home” environment provided by Claire House allows children and their families to enjoy some special time together, allowing them to play, develop and grow amid surroundings that are safe, happy and supportive. Facilities include a multi-sensory room, Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy pool, teenage room, art and craft area and physiotherapy / complementary therapy. There is also a multi-purpose room that is used for music therapy, group activities or quiet reflection.

A registered charity with annual baseline running costs into the millions of pounds, Claire House relies entirely on the generosity of those who support it for all of its income and running costs.

Further information about Claire House and the Association of Children’s Hospices can be found on their respective websites, including ways in which you can offer your support directly. Alternatively, please contact us for more details.

To make an online donation please download the donation form from Claire House website. By supporting their regular giving plan you can help Claire House continue to provide specialist care.

Penyem Village, Gambia

Support of the main corporate charity is complemented by donations to other local and overseas charities, such as the Northamptonshire Trust Fund, which supports a village in The Gambia.

Previous donations through the NTF include the provision of mosquito nets for all 100 families in the village of Penyem and an ongoing commitment to fund a full-time medical professional for the village as part of the wider development of a sustainable health centre.

This project not provides much needed medical care for the village population, but also an accessible service for neighbouring villages, most of which currently rely on occasional clinics held by volunteer doctors.

Green Initiatives

Outside its direct charitable contributions, Imerja has put in place an environmental policy and mechanism to offset our carbon footprint caused by business travel. By closely monitoring the business mileage everyone in the company makes we have been able to track and reduce the average miles per person travelled. Over the last three years we have reduced the average number of business miles travelled per employee by 15 per cent.

The total emissions generated through business travel are offset through the purchase of trees through recognised projects. The carbon emissions are calculated at the end of the financial year and the findings are communicated with employees in the annual company meeting so that employees are aware of their emissions, thus encouraging them to consider other modes of transport where practical, and we continually seek to introduce appropriate measures to reduce the need for travel, such as investing in video conferencing technology.

Imerja's contributions to Corporate Social Responsibility and the 'green agenda' were recognised in 2009, when Ian Jackson, Managing Director of Imerja, was awarded the prestigious Institute of Directors (IoD) Yorkshire Bank Ackroyd award, which recognises outstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility.